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FULL Insanity Workout +Workout sheet & Nutrition diet
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2011-06-25 14:34:51 GMT

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Its the FULL insanity workout with all the DVDs in the torrent including the 2 extra DVDs, I also included the nutrition guide for you all to follow and also the Workout sheet for 2 months.!



Focus T25
Can some one please PLEASE do Focus T 25?
Please seed me!!!! :) :) :)
I've successfully downloaded this, but I can't open any files as they come out MV4.part. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm seeding btw.
what is the resolution for these files?
g65fdac6 Download VLC player.

DBChest the resolution is about 640x480, 15 videos in total.
SEEEED PLEASE it's so sloooow i need that
Thanks. Working 100%
I think that astat4 should probably get the skull and cross bones for this upload alone!
Logged in just so I could say it!
gr8 work!
I have tried everything but I can't get this to burn to a cd. Does anyone know how? Thank you.
can anyone please confirm the effects of this work out does it really work as it promises???? is it worth trying for 60 days,,,,, and also please confirm if its complete or not as some guys are saying its not the full workout....if no then where to find the full workout..any link??...thanks in advance
I have NOT got an accurate assessment about whether this "DVD" actually worked. Has anyone been able to play the full DVD and it worked? December 2013 ~ WindyCat
@SAMSMAGIC: if you wanna know if the workout actually helps you shed pounds, you're on the WRONG forum for that. Go to Youtube and search. Also, you have to do YOUR OWN RESEARCH (like some did on here) to see if the full workout is in this torrent. I mean, honestly, I wouldn't think that everything is here...because we are downloading it FOR FREE. Don't expect to get everything FREE on here...sorry. Now some said that everything is here and that's GREAT but I think if 80% of the Insanity Workout is here, it should help you lose weight. LASTLY, no workout DVD or plan will help you lose weight if you do not eat veggies, fruit, and drink water DAILY. The whole point to lose weight is to exercise more (no matter what exercise) and EAT L E S S. No "eating back" calories, either. Burn calories but don't "eat them back" just because you are very hungry at the end of a workout. People make that mistake (eating like a pig after a workout) and wondering why they still can't lose weight. Insanity is really hard. Don't give up once you start.
UPDATE DEC 2013!!! It took only 15 hours to download this. It runs smoothy. No glitches. The full Insanity Workout + Meal Book + Extra Workout is here. I just finished watching MOST of this and it looks GREAT! I can't wait to start doing tomorrow. Questions about the workout itself? Go to Youtube. Otherwise, the download itself is everything it's suppose to be. I'm so excited now!
Thank you SOOOOO MUCHHH i have been dying to lose weight but i don't have the $ and the quality is great super easy to download and love the schedule i printed it out! :)
Looks great! Thank you so much for this.
Can some one please give me some seeds. Not sure what seeds are but I believe it makes the process go faster.. I'd really appreciate it.
guys after i downloaded this it needed a password for the rar data. i've tried to do to the link to get the password but it says "no survey for your country". can anyone help me plz i need this!!
Thank you! Seeding.
there is literally no rar file. there are 19 files, and none of them are rars, so there's no password needed. anyway, I downloaded this in a blazing fast 18 minutes (7mbps!). thank you to all the seeders.
seeeeed pls :)
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