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About the Game:
FIFA 13 ( also known as FIFA Soccer 13 in North America ) is the twentieth edition of Electronic Arts" highly-acclaimed association football FIFA video game series. 
It is developed by EA Canada studios and was published, worldwide, by Electronic Arts, under the EA Sports label. 
It was be released in Europe on 28 September 2012, in Australia HI on 27 September, as well as in North America on 25 September, and 21 September for EA Sports Season Ticket subscribers. 
The game will be released for the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, and iOS platforms. 
A demo of the game was released on 11 September 2012, The demo teams include: Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Juventus, A.C. Milan and Arsenal.
The demo was downloaded a record 1.99 million times within three days.
FIFA 13 included new features to the FIFA franchise such as the First Touch Control. 
New celebrations were also added as a new feature like supports the PlayStation Move and Kinect controllers....

PC System Requirements

OS:	    Windows XP SP3
CPU:	CPU with Dual core processor ( Core duo 2 or better ) Intel Core2Duo @ 2.4Ghz	
RAM:	2 GB of RAM	
VGA:	DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated 256 MB video card or equivalent ( must support Shader Model 3.0 or above ).
        ATI RADEON HD 2900 / NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GT	
DX:	    DirectX 9.0c	

This game is already cracked - just install and play.
If your game is crashing - install WMFDist11-Windows.exe ( Windows Media Format Runtime ) included in torrent files.
Stay away from Origin and EA servers.

How to install:
After download is done:
- open part1 (executable file) ,
- choose location ,
- click install ,
- wait until is done 
- play game from desktop shortcut.

More info and support here:


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Enjoy .	



is it must to have graphics card? if there is any alternative please share?
i follow your instructions step by step and play the game from desctop shortcut! I see the EA LOGO, after 2 sec the screen is black and finally sent me back to the desctop again!

I have win 7 ultimate i3
Intel(R) Core m330 @2.13 Ghz
2,00 GB RAM

Do i have the apropriate requirements???

Please help me!
It doesn't work for me
why when I install the patch from your website all the people in the stadium disappears (everything else works fine)? please is really weird playing without people
what's the CD Key???? someone please help me i wanna update this exact game because i get tired of updating manually on squads + plus i want to update to get more soccer boots and for other players' overalls to increase
@stax123 it doesnt ask for cd key oO
Solved! Steps how to solve FIFA 13 crashes to desktop:
1 - Go to My Documents/FIFA13/instance0
2 - Locate replay0.bin
3 - Right click on replay0.bin and then properties.
4 - While in properties, put read-only on (with a V in the box).
5 - Run fifa.exe
6- Have fun :))
is it the same uploaded by extremezone?
i follow your instructions step by step and play the game from desctop shortcut! I see the EA LOGO, after 2 sec the screen is black and finally sent me back to the desctop again!
Please help!!
Same here.
I see the logo, then it comes back to desktop.
Windows 8.
Tried Reloaded, same thing.
damn it

If I do that, the game runs til the profile team page, it says I cant save settings and game freezes before entering it.
thanks a lot at last worked for me
Just had to doa few things after installation
1. Make sure the user name has no special characters like $ instead of S.
2. in fifa 13 gamefifa setup open fifa config... click game settings and change screen resolution to your pc's screen resolution..... I've also unchecked vsync but i dont know if it is imp. or not
3. Install direct x 9.0c even if u have direct x 11.0c
download it from here the game and enjoy
( One more thing if u are having rldea.dll missing error then u can prevent it by opening windows defender and then exclude a file type i.e dll )
hope it works as it worked for me...

i need cd key to update squads with internet instead of downloading update patches every 6months :(
HELP! Is there any way to play either online or on ultimate team?

I have gotten everything else to work and really appreciate this torrent. Thanks
can someone seed pls
when i start the game the screen is black and after 10 seconds the game crashes..what should i do?
@ everyone please how do i update the fifa13 plsssss help
when about to play the game, it asks for 'rldea.dll'...but i already have Windows Media Format Runtime. are these two the same or different??
No me funciono usando GPU NVIDIA GEFORCE 8400GS
dude thank you .. i am really enjoying this game.. i played 8 hours as soon as i had it running .. it plays flawlessly.. thank you... your the best ..

if you have a crappy computer you shouldn't bother download this game..i am just trying to saved you time and disappointment
@everyone.. please help after downloading andd evrything is done...
when am about to start the game, it shows me error E0000001..... what can i do

Your spec is definitely NOT enough.

INTEL Core m330 2.13GHz -> The minimum is Dual-Core 2.4GHz.

and perhaps your graphic card too maybe?
Hi guys,
Install FIFA 12-13-14. The same problem occurs the PC shut down in the 2nd half in any game mode.

PC Spec : MS Windows 7 Ulitimate 64-bit SP1
Intel Core2 Quad
CPU Q8300 @2.50GHz
ATI HD 5450 1GB.
500 Watts pw.

Please share your PC Spec(Asia Region) if the game doesn't crash.

EA forums : Due to overheating, and Win 7 SP1.


Working Fine, on highest setting, problem solved coz of Dust,
THanks NosTEAM
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